When Indigenous people (some, NOT all)  think they are the only ones worthy of protecting the planet… Bitch please, I’m in school studying as Environmental Science and biology major, and you’re pissing time away in liberal arts, stfu, and reconsider your argument and your life choices. Ya, I get that you got fucked over and you’re still getting oppressed, but don’t exclude minds that are trying understand your past as well as work hard enough in their own communities to protect and serve our planet. Get over yourselves. 

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    OP, its called Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK.) I guarantee its in one of your precious textbooks, you ignorant...
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    fuck op lmao “anti racist feminist” really?
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    omg OP you are a tool
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    "get over yourselves"
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    This person’s page must be where fauxminists gather after their weekly meetings where they discuss how unfair it is that...
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    you lost me at “cunt” and I do not give the first flying fiddly fuck whether you pee sitting down or standing up because...
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    What the actual flying hell is this OP saying. Goddamn racist people And look, it says anti racist on their blog....
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